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A research study is being conducted at Houston Methodist Hospital—MITIE lab facility on September 23rd through 25th at various times throughout the day. 

 During the study, you will be asked to evaluate a new surgical device in a surgical environment.  This study represents the design validation phase for a new surgical device, which is a requirement for market release as defined by the FDA.  Most surgeons find these studies interesting and see them as an opportunity to learn about new surgical devices and technologies while expressing their opinions. 

If you are interested in participating in this important research project, please call 1-866-652-8297 and ask for Rexann at extension 413.  If qualified and complete the research, you will be compensated for your time.


Essential Strategies in Reconstructive Surgery: Practical Approaches for Outcome Optimization

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MITIE 2012 Annual Report

MITIE 2012 Annual Report
This first annual report will take you through MITIE’s development, explain its unique role in medical education, and share its accomplishments.

Review the MITIE 2012 Annual Report


What is MTRSurg@MITIE?
To optimize the research initiatives of investigators of the TMHRI, University of Houston, and other institutions affiliated with the Methodist Hospital and MITIE, and to leverage the unique platform MITIE offers to investigators of many disciplines, we propose this seminar is to catalyze collaboration between computational scientists and surgeons to advance concrete applications in surgery.

MTRSurg 2014 Spring Seminar Series

MTRSurg 2013 Spring Seminar Series

MTRSurg 2013 Fall Seminar Series



Watch video of the conference. 


Internal Facility Use and Equipment Requests -[Internal use Only]

To request the use of MITIE facility space and/or equipment, please complete the form[s] on this page. [Internal Use Only]


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01.12.15 - Telementoring expands reach for...

01.05.2015 - Doctor gives instruction, from afar.

MITIE hosts Laparoscopic Hernia Workshop

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Microsurgery 4-Day
Microsurgery 4-Day

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